Blueberries Can Save your Life from “Silent Killer” : Life Saving Super Berries

Changing Lifestyle and eating habits all around the world is posing a direct effect on our health and eventually to Cardiovascular Risk.

Cardiovascular is a disease which relates to disorders in our body circulatory systems including our heart.

According to America Heart Association  nearly 42% of US population suffer from Cardiovascular Disease which likely to increase up to 45% by 2035

Cardiovascular often termed as “Silent Killer” which doesn’t show any early stage symptoms and almost affect almost 1 in 3 Adults in US.

It Poses direct risk to our body circulatory system which in long term becomes the reason for, heart stroke, heart failure and Kidney Failure

The NIH (National Institute of Heath) Recommends people to eat healthy , do regular exercise, no smoking to avoid such instances.

Researchers have found along with Spinach , Broccoli , pulsed and fishes blueberries can help to reduce cardiovascular risk upto 20%.

Study Suggests that the anthocyanins and the phytochemicals which gives color to blueberries has medical benefit for our heart.

Consuming 7.5 Ounces of blueberries a day for approx. one month improves our body blood vessel function and lower blood pressure in healthy people.

Study also Suggest that these Super Berries could be as effective as a pill of blood pressure which is prescribed by doctors.

Researchers at Kings College London analyzed the effects of drinking blueberry juice every day for one month — and the results could be life-saving.

Study Involved 40 People which were given 7.8 Ounce of Blueberry juice or Placebo Treatment for one month.

After a month their blood pressure , urine  and blood were tested and after comparing the result blueberry and placebo drinkers.

Comparison Showed the Blueberries juice drinkers have a significant impact on blood pressure levels their blood vessel function significantly improved.

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