NASA to use Blockchain for Air traffic Management

US Space agency NASA to Make use of Blockchain technology to Secure Air Traffic Support and services. The Agency will work with an Open Source Platform known as “Hyperledger Fabric “which is specifically designed for enterprise transaction that resembles near to air traffic interactions.

Blockchain will address the potential issue of privacy, prevent spoofing and DoS Attack.

Ronald J Reisman, an Aerospace engineer at NASA claimed that the blockchain present in engineering prototype that includes design and method may be applied to reduce security issue. He also Added, “The design Innovation is the use of an open source permissioned blockchain framework to enable aircraft privacy while providing an efficient and secure method for communication with Air traffic Service, Support and other Authorities”.

The New Framework also includes features like Smart Contact, Certificate Authority and a High Bandwidth Communication channel for Sensitive and Private Information that may be used for Secure Communication between any Specific Aircraft with any Specific Authorities.

The Prototype will demonstrate how this method can be rapidly and economically Deployed in a scalable Modular Workspace.

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