TikTok Pulse Announced to share ad revenue with creators

TikTok has announced a new way called TikTok Pulse for the advertiser to promote their brands, and creators to share the ad revenue. As a result, TikTok video creators can now earn money by uploading their videos.

After six years of TikTok’s release, they going to add the most important features for the creators to earn money from their videos like YouTube and Facebook. The company announced this through an official blog post regarding the “contextual advertising solution” called “TikTok Pulse” for the advertiser, a new way to promote their brand to the next level.

What is TikTok Pulse?

TikTok Pulse is a new contextual advertising solution for the advertiser to show the ads around the top content each day and the way to earn money for the creators. Video creators can monetize their content and will get 50% ad revenue if they got approvals, said Sandie Hawkins, TikTok’s GM of North America global business solutions. This is pretty close to what YouTube and Facebook offer the creators. But, if the creators or publisher have at least 100,000 followers, they will be eligible to earn money via TikTok.

With the TikTok Pulse advertising system, each day brands will get visibility among the top 4% of all videos of TikTok in 12 categories including Beauty & personal care, Fashion, Cooking & baking, Automotive, and Gaming.​

TikTok Pulse release date in USA, India, Bangladesh

TikTok is the most popular video-sharing platform where the creators can share short videos. Not only Bangladeshi and Indian people, but billions of people are using TikTok around the world. Now, all the creators will be excited to know, when will they get the monetization system in their country.

As per the official press release published on May 4, 2022, TikTok Pulse going to launch in June 2022 in the US. But, the launch date and time are not confirmed for Bangladesh, India, and other countries. Hopefully, TikTok will open the door very soon to allow ad revenue for the creators who are outside of the US.

How to earn money from TikTok Pulse

Millions of TikTok video creators are waiting to earn money from their TikTok videos like other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Before May 4, 2022, the company did not even announce any monetization for the creators. Now there is no need to wait anymore because the monetization system going to launch very soon.

The only creators are eligible to earn money from TikTok Pulse who succeed to achieve at least 100,000 followers. The company will share 50% of ad revenue with those creators who have the minimum requirements.

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